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We all need it. Extra help here and there. Why not have one company that's capable of handling it all? Need a flyer for an Open House? Want to post a monthly blog to your website? Need to put together a market survey? 

Introducing Deploy by BreadBox. Think of us as your secret weapon. Like an intern or assistant, but with 20 years experience. 

Deploy is a flat-fee, on-demand service that allows apartment communities and portfolios to outsource the essential functions of their marketing, all while lowering costs and improving the quality of their marketing. With Deploy, your team and management can concentrate on what matters, renting apartments.


While no means an exhaustive list, here are some of the things Deploy can cover. If there is something you need that is not on this list, please contact us and we can provide a solution!

  • Flyers & Invites

  • Social Media Posts

  • ILS Management

  • Blog Writing

  • Market Survey

  • Event Coordination

  • Secret Shopper Coordination

  • Resident Surveys

  • Email Marketing Copy

  • Analytics Report Compilation

  • Photography / Video Ordering

  • Craigslist Ad Development


Deploy is incredibly simple. Tell us what you need to be done, and we do it. No filling out forms, waiting for quotes, haggling over price and scope. Simply email us the request and our team will get working on it ASAP! We can also set up a calendar with your team if you have recurring items you'd like to complete. 


  • SALLY - Sally is a marketing director for a large property management firm. She is constantly overwhelmed by the number of small tasks she has to perform on a monthly basis. Sally has thought about bringing in an assistant but doesn't want the headache of managing another person, and management doesn't want to add another salaried position. 

  • GEORGE - George is the owner of a 30 unit apartment building. George runs all the day to day operations of the building. George barely has enough time in his day to eat lunch, much less put together market surveys craigslist ads. 

  • RACHEL - Rachel is a property manager of a 300 unit apartment complex. She has a great team, but her leasing agents are spending hours a day coming up with fresh ideas for social media, which leaves less time for them to close deals. She would also love to start writing a blog for her residents but doesn't have the time or resources to do it.


Deploy is a “flat fee” service, meaning no hourly billing, incidental expenses, markups etc. And here’s the best part, Deploy costs less than $25 per day per community. Discounted and special pricing available for multiple communities or scattered site portfolios.


Please call (888) 365-1563 or fill out the form below and let us show you how we can help!

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